10 Secrets To Finding A Great Painting Contractor

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Congratulations! You've made the smart decision to improve your home's appearance and value with a professional paint workplace. Now comes the daunting challenge of obtaining a paint contractor. Not to worry! These 10 secrets will help you find a GREAT paint contractor who'll deliver a top-quality job at an excellent price and leave you with a satisfying home improvement experience.

1. A great Paint Contractor Presents Proof of Insurance

While a beneficial paint contractor may let you he's insured, a GREAT contractor presents a copy of his policy, proving the volume coverage he carries each property damage and bodily injury which may result among the contractor's work. By nature, paint materials are highly flammable and, should a tragedy occur, you must know your contractor is sufficiently insured.

2. A great Paint Contractor NEVER Requests a Deposit

While some paint contractors may request a deposit before beginning the work, well-established, successful painting professionals have sufficient operating income and can potentially afford purchase materials publicize payroll. Be wary of a contractor who asks for a deposit! If he cannot purchase materials, he's probably unable spend his crew. Every year, too many homeowners fall victim to contractors who walk off process - and out of town - with the deposit in their pockets.

If you agree to succeed payment any kind of kind, certain that materials are purchased and are on your property, leading to some kind of leverage if your contractor default on in order to. Bottom Line: GREAT painting contractors NEVER request a first deposit.

3. A wonderful Paint Contractor Offers Great Warranties

You can say to a lot about a paint contractor by his warranty. Well-known contractors with established reputations are respected by paint suppliers who, in turn, pass on extended - even lifetime - warranties on their paints merely know necessary will be applied right. For any number of reasons, less experienced contractors may not have access to valuable relationships with growers. On the labor side, a remarkable contractor in concert with solid, experienced painters whose work he knows he can stand behind with most of the labor extended warranty.

4. GREAT Paint Contractors Go further

Because GREAT contractors discovered the value of a satisfied customer, they might focus on service and provides extras that shows you ways important your company is to the contractor. Determine if your contractor offers the following:

Professional color consulting
FREE color try-ons
FREE power washing
Two coats of paint - for a standard showcasing!
5. GREAT Paint Contractors Give Professional, Detailed Quotes
A GREAT painting quote includes could list almost all aspects operate to be done:

FREE Power washing
Caulking, sanding and priming
Trim repair - GREAT contractors will know what should really be done
Details of merchandise and application - GREAT contractors the many right products for every job
Touch-ups and clean-up
In accessory for the quote's content and accuracy, that may be presented knowledgeable?
Is the quote printed on company letterhead?
Does the sheet show the contractor's license quantity of?
Does he use a nearby land line phone variety? (beware if only a cellular phone number is listed)
TAX That i.D. number?
Work guarantee and relevant product warranties?
Inexperienced contractors, using standard business forms purchased at office supply stores suggests they haven't invested much in their business and also not be properly to ensure. Also, they may not be paying income taxation's.
6. GREAT Paint Contractors Have a b- or A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

The Eee (BBB) is really a trusted consumer rating body that grades businesses dependant on collective guidelines. In addition to finding their grade, be sure and check how long the paint contractor has been a member. Also confirm that any complaints have been resolved. BBB will still afford an awesome rating anytime a business has addressed issues in article on manner. Questionable painting contractors will have either no BBB affiliation at any a grade of B or severala few tips.

7. GREAT Paint Contractors Care about their Communities and Industry Associations

Being active in local Chambers of Commerce, involved with area charities and using a presence in the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association (PDCA) shows extraordinary paint contractors have professional integrity and care regarding their communities. Fly-by-night contractors avoid connections to civic or professional companies.

8. GREAT Paint Contractors Provide References in Place - Both Old and New

Good paint contractors may have references from local work that was completed throughout the past few weeks time. GREAT Paint Contractors will provide multiple local references from both recent and past work. References from a year ago or longer show the paint job's durability and confirm that any necessary follow-up or billing issues were handled accurately.

9. GREAT Paint Contractors Invite You to see a Job in Progress

If a contractor is confident about way they work, they'll prove it by suggesting that you judge independently. Things to look for:

Work vehicles - draft beer clean, organized and veteran?
The painters - light beer neatly dressed and groomed?
Materials - are ladders, scaffolding, drop cloths and electrical equipment in good condition?
Is work being done carefully whilst not to wreck landscaping or property?
Bottom Line: GREAT Paint Contractors treat a home - specific homeowner - with respect at year 'round.
10. GREAT Paint Contractors Have an authority Website

While everyone certainly possible to be an exceptional paint contactor and not own a Website, GREAT contractors are successful businesses who recognize that today's consumer is interested in instant important information. A GREAT contractor's Website will include all particulars homeowners 're looking for - references, before & after photos, information on services, information and history of the company and its owner and staff.

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