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We stand upon the shoulders of giants, are we going to kick them in the head by allowing a Usurper to remain in the White House? He is not constrained or limited by the constitution; he has broken it already with his fundamental nature, something out of even his control. But it has freed him from the limitations and obligations the constitution demands none the less. His oath to it is meaningless, because he does not meet the basic demands of it.

The beautiful thing about America is that we can agree to disagree without fear of being harmed. Well most of the time. These rabid, over-zealous, misguided souls just don't know how to let things go. They're the bully in the playground that loses a fight and constantly wants a rematch. Over and over and over. No logic. No discussion. No rationale. All they have that is left is the idea that they are correct and they continue their course, preserver, scream loud enough, that they will be seen as right and true.

However with respect to the rental sector it is interesting to explore the underlying factors behind the projections of growth in homes required, of which there are probably two key factors. Firstly there is a continuing trend of net immigration into the UK. For example in 2004 it was reported that over 140,000 people were granted UK citizenship application and this number has been increasing each year since 1999. Additionally most new immigrants are of a relatively young age (recent statistics identify around 80% between 15 and 44 years of age). It is likely, although no evidence could be found, that a higher proportion of immigrants will seek rental accommodation.

Going through the test basics: It is a 24 question test. You have multiple choice and true or false questions in the test. The material used to prepare for the test is the citizenship resource guide called "Life in the United Kingdom: a journey to citizenship" made by the UK Border Agency.

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As ?an b? expected, salaries vary ac?ord?ng t? th? position, th? company ?nd the geographical area ?f the UK job be?ng offered. As ? general rule, salaries in cities like London ?r? higher than in th? rural areas. It should als? be noted that employment legislation ?n maximum working hours, minimum wage ?nd safety regulations are strictly enforced ?n th? country.

If we as Americans had been taught the context of our time, the detailed history of how we arrived to be a Nation and how we find ourselves living today on October 16th 2009, we would not be asking what a Natural Born Citizen was. Study of history is far more than memorizing a time-line, it is the study of the writings of the times that influenced our laws, our Government, and our very society, and a vast majority of that is no longer taught to our children. It wasn't taught to us who consider ourselves adults either.

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