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QODs are posted on the online forum of Centum Academy on a daily basis. You can access a new problem on a daily basis and post your solution in the thread. You can also review the solutions posted by other participants.

Link to Centum Academy Online Forum

The questions posted as QODs are picked up from various books and sources. The problems do not require extraordinary Mathematical knowledge but a sound thinking and analytical approach.

Struggle with the problems to learn Mathematics as was rightly said by Paul Halmos, "The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics"

Enjoy Problem Solving !

QOD 280419 : Geometry Problem - Circles

QOD 290419 : Problem related to finding the remainder

QOD 300419 : Mathematical Game

QOD 010519 : Find the last two digits of 11^111

QOD 050519 : Problem on Kinematics

QOD 060519 : Problem related to areas of squares

QOD 070519 : Problem on finding average velocity in a 1-D motion

QOD 080519 : Problem based on transformation (reflection)

QOD 090519 : Problem on Kinematics

QOD 100519 : Problem based on transformations and inequalities related to quadrilaterals