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Concepts Learning Session

Session # 1 What are Surds? What are complete surds? Expressing a complete surd as a product of a rational factor and another surd and vice versa. Solve the Worksheet # 1 before you move on to the next session

Session # 2 What are similar surds? Addition and Subtraction of Surds. After going through this session solve the Worksheet # 2

Session # 3 What is meant by order of Surds? How to convert different order surds into equivalent same order surds?

Session # 4 Comparing two surds. How to find out greater of the two given surds?

Time now for some practice. Solve this Worksheet # 3 to master the concepts.

Session # 5 Multiplication and Division of Surds of same and different orders.

Session # 6 Two or more surds connected by +/- sign. Operations on Compound Surds

Session # 7 What is meant by rationalisation of Surds? How to rationalise a complete and a compound surd? Conjugate of a surd/ Complement of a Surd

You can check the problem solving sessions out before attempting the problems in the worksheets.


Worksheet # 1

Worksheet # 2

Worksheet # 3

Problem Solving Sessions

Session # 1 Problem related to application of rationalisation of Surds

Session # 2 Problem related to application of rationalisation of Surds